March 16, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Larsen spanked some Sailfish today on the Wanderer. The flagship has been cooking lately, but this TEN Sailfish release performance is truly world-class.

The action started quick with a pair of ‘his and hers’ Sailfish releases within the first hour of fishing. A third high-flyer was waiting in line right behind them.


The peak of the day’s bite was this Double Sailfish release. Check out this great sequence of the action captured by Captain William:

Clean safe release as always by First Mate Alex!

The action did not relent for these New Jersey anglers as the day would see several more Sailfish releases, including this high flyer.

Mrs. Larsen added another pair of releases to the scorecard late in the 8 hour trip.

I don’t care who you are, a day like this is a real workout. Fortunately the Larsens were pumped up!

Great work by these fine anglers and by the crew of the mighty Wanderer.