May 20, 2014

Willard Richards won a trip to Nosara, Costa Rica at the 2014 Florida Sportsman Expo in Ft. Myers, and we are stoked to report that his group scored a MASSIVE Marlin release on the FishingNosara flagship Wanderer on May 16.

What an amazing shot! First Mate Alex is doing his best Roy Rogers impersonation in ropin’ in the bucking billfish, but howabout the trigger finger on Captain William to get this photo?

This couple teamed up for the 35-minute billfish battle and scored a safe release at 11:38am.

Team Richards scored again later in the week with this tasty Dorado catch.

Great work by these excellent Florida anglers and the crew of the flagship Wanderer.

Hi Craig, 

“Sorry it has taken so long to get in touch with you, but since our return from Costa Rica, things around here have been a bit hectic. I really want to say that all of us had a GREAT TIME staying in the house you provided, along with all of the amenities.  The two days of fishing with Capt. William and Alex were excellent and will not soon be forgotten.” 
“Landing the 400# Marlin was a dream come true and one of the more exciting things that I have done in my 72 years on this earth.  My sister was also “as pleased as punch” as were the rest of us when she landed the 30# Mahi-Mahi, which by the way provided all of us an excellent meal.  We took the fish to Marlin Bill’s and they prepared it to all of our satisfaction.”
“I will / have recommend(ed) you and your facilities, to anybody who wants to experience a truly great time fishing for the big ones.  Not only was the fishing great, but the horseback riding safari trip was a very memorable and enjoyable experience.   Edwardo was a great guide, and his family was a delight to meet.   The house was beyond our expectations and the breakfast service was wonderful.  You truly have some very good personnel working for you.”
“I am truly great full to you for having offered and then provided the best prize that I have ever won.  In fact, prior to winning the raffle at the Expo, I would always tell people “that if it wasn’t for my bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all”.  I can no longer say that.  I know my children, sister and niece all had one of the best times of their life, and are already talking of going back.”
“Again, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU, for a wonderful time had by all.”
Willard (Will) Richards