January 20, 2024

For their last day of fishing The New Mexican gang (Marcia and Alan Andre with Neal Beroz and Judy Levin) enjoyed a very productive day out with Captain Carlos on the Discoverer on January 20.

They scored a large number of Yellowfin Tuna, seven  Sailfish releases, and a Blue Marlin hook-up which gave an amazing fight!


December 5, 2023

On the 5th, the Discoverer welcomed back Salvatore Carrubba for a blue water battle, and this time the big battleship released a world-class Blue Marlin.

You know it’s big-time when Captain Carlos handles the releases…a fish this big can be dangerous to any but the most experienced boatman.

Sailfish releases rounded out the rest of the trip. What a performance!

November 28, 2023

Bonita Armstrong’s family had a wonderful day of fish-catching on November 28. Captain Fito report a fantastic Blue Marlin release; the bait was this 6lbs. Bonita that they scored earlier in the day.

The amazing action continued with multiple Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado catches.