November 23, 2011

Craig Sutton has notched the scorecard with the season’s first Marlin release, a 300lbs. Black beauty. This ends a 15 month dry spell for the US Representative for FishingNosara and also represents the largest fish caught to date on the 26′ Explorer.

The water was deep green and Craig was up on the forward platform when he spotted four jumping dolphin dead ahead. “It was like it was telekinetic,” Craig later recalled. “I could feel that there was something big down there.”

That same moment the 300lbs. Black Marlin swooped in and annihilated the port side teaser. Alertly mate Pipio let spool the outrigger line, creating an irresistible target for the monster.

Once hooked an efficient 20 minute fight was all Mr. Sutton needed to bring her along side for a nice safe release. Great work by Captain David, Mate Pipio, and angler Craig Sutton on the unstoppable Super Panga.