November 25, 2009

On November 25 the Wanderer was full up again with Craig, Matty, Lucy from Los Angeles, and ‘Lucky’ Brian from San Francisco. Brian is an avid surfer who has visited Nosara for several years, but didn’t want to go fishing because he thought he was bad luck.

No such thing in these waters, my friend! Brian and Lucy absolutely destroyed the schools of tuna on our inshore reefs. Of course, Brian was the icebreaker, catching this 12lbs. Yellowfin tuna first…for the rest of the trip his nickname was ‘Lucky’.

Lucy is an LA County Lifeguard who knows a thing or two about water rescues, but I bet she never had a fight in the water like this Yellowfin tuna. She hung tough, and by day’s end there were eight yummy tunas for the Californians.