January 22, 2013

Time for another installment of the FishingNosara maintenance odyssey! This time, the crew of the Wanderer replaces mooring point in Garza bay that we have used for over 3 years to tie off the beloved flagship.

You can see here that the rope itself has begun to fray and stretch:

Not pictured are the four 55-gallon drums filled with concrete that serve as the anchor point for this rope at the bottom of the bay. Captain William and Alex prepared a new floating ball system and affixed it to a hefty length of 2-inch diameter marine-grade rope.

Next up the boys strapped on the re-breathers and dove down to the bottom. Let’s hope no vengeful Sailfish find their way into Garza and exact revenge on the two most productive fisherman in the area!

Everything went smoothly below the surface and the Wanderer is sitting pretty on her new leash. Excellent work by the best crew in Costa Rica on the water, on land and even under the water!