New Merch for 2020

We have two great new items for sales this year in the CR offices, US boat show apperances, and the FishingNosara Online Store.

Keep your drinks cold while fishing and your filets frozen while traveling. This roomy cooler backpack measures 18″x15″x10″, enough room for 24 cans or 12 bottles.

Leak Proof Insulation on the main section with a watertight Front Pocket for phones, keys, and wallet.

Easy access Top kept the cold in when you need to grab a beverage.

Adjustable shoulder straps, easy Clean-up, long lasting, TSA / FAA Carry-on compliant.

Side pockets fits 22oz. Yeti-style cups…speaking of which:

You’ve been clamoring for this one! Yeti-Style Thermal Cup with FishingNosara and Nosara Paradise Rentals logos. Stainless Steel construction. Standard 22oz. size and shape. Fits all Yeti-style accessories.

Save the Earth, keep your drinks cool, and look cool doing it!


Off Season Maintenance 2019 – Week 3

Work continued into week 3 with more progress on the refitting the fleet for the 2020 season. Captain Carlos reports that the repairs on the Discoverer are complete and they are in the process of deep sanding and cleaning.

The hull repairs under the bathroom floor are complete, and the floor has been fiberglassed back in place.

We also plan on using this opportunity to clear some obsolete wiring and tighten up the wire runs on the big battleship. Back aft, the teak wood covering panel has been removed and replaced with fresh 5200 sealant.

The Adventurer has been similarly stripped and sanded.

Keen-eyed fans of this boat will notice the new gunwale mounted rail-mounts up front…These will be integral to a forthcoming secret weapon that we are adding to the 23-foot switchblade’s arsenal of fish-catching weapons.

Speaking of secret weapons, the 27-foot Explorer is getting a new toy this year with a fully-integrated livewell. We used a discarded bucket as our form for the first fell layers of material.

We are going to install this on the starboard side over the back of the splashwell, which will make it accessible to the rigging station and also help control the outflow of the tank.

Next week our shipment of gelcoat arrives and we are looking forward spraying and polishing. Speaking of a fresh new look, the staff has pressure washed and re-stained the fascia of the main office.

Here’s a before/after look:

Looking fresh!

Thanks for all the kind words on social media as we continue our work. We’ll keep everyone updated as we get the boats and houses in tip-top shape before the new season starts in November.

Off Season Maintenance 2019 – Week 2

Work continues to prepare Nosara Paradise Rentals and FishingNosara for another season of fun family fishing adventures.

The Explorer has been completely stripped of equipment and old gelcoat. This is the first time the tower has been removed since is was installed in 2010.

Captain Fico expects the Explorer to shine like  new dime by the time the season starts in November.

The Discoverer is also getting our attentions this offseason. For years we have monitored a small crack in the front-starboard area of the hull, and have spent many hours laying on the ground fixing the crack from the outside.

Now we have the chance to cut open the bathroom floor and inspect the repairs from the inside. A few heavy layers of fiberglass should put this problem behind us for the life of the boat.

Casa Privada’s kitchen is getting a long-overdue facelift. Check out this sweet new countertop and backsplash.



The 2 bedroom house Casa Caribe is also getting new tile and fixtures for her bathrooms. Plus the kitchen is getting a fresh look.

July 14, 2015

The big Battleship welcomed some little anglers for some fun inshore action on July 14.

Captain David (a father of two himself) is an excellent teacher of the craft and the Discoverer is a great place for youngsters to catch the fishing bug.

Nice work on these critters, especially considering it’s been years since we saw the elusive Congrio (the eel/fish hybrid held by the kid in the red shirt). That is one tasty filet right there!

February 1, 2013

Another tranquil day on the Nosara River! Mike Young and his group took to the pleasant water for a gentle half day of floating and sightseeing. They saw lots of birds and reptiles, plus came upon a nice group of SUP riders also cruising the river.

Our Kayak Tours are very popular for both anglers and nature lovers alike, plus they are a cost-effective way to spend a lovely afternoon. Looks like Mikey and his folks found the perfect way to relax between offshore fishing days.

January 22, 2013

Time for another installment of the FishingNosara maintenance odyssey! This time, the crew of the Wanderer replaces mooring point in Garza bay that we have used for over 3 years to tie off the beloved flagship.

You can see here that the rope itself has begun to fray and stretch:

Not pictured are the four 55-gallon drums filled with concrete that serve as the anchor point for this rope at the bottom of the bay. Captain William and Alex prepared a new floating ball system and affixed it to a hefty length of 2-inch diameter marine-grade rope.

Next up the boys strapped on the re-breathers and dove down to the bottom. Let’s hope no vengeful Sailfish find their way into Garza and exact revenge on the two most productive fisherman in the area!

Everything went smoothly below the surface and the Wanderer is sitting pretty on her new leash. Excellent work by the best crew in Costa Rica on the water, on land and even under the water!

Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic

FishingNosara was honored to award the second annual FishingNosara Family Cup to the Cabler Family at the Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic on May 11-12, 2012.

Captain Cru accepted the award on for the family. They have won a week of fun and fishing in Nosara and we can’t wait to welcome this family to our little slice of paradise.

Don’t forget to read up on the fun had by last years’ FishingNosara Family Cup winners Team Ganoe.

This event has grown over the years into one of the biggest soirees on the Jacksonville fishing scene; this year’s highlights included a speech from Mayor Alvin Brown, a captain’s meeting hosted by radio celebrities Kirk Waltz and Kevin Faver plus thousands of dollars worth of prizes raffled of to a room full of eager and excited anglers.

Special thanks to Kayak Mike of for making this event super special. We can’t wait til next year and the third annual FishingNosara Family Cup.