January 11, 2016

These Euros are absolutely amazing on the inshore species…on January 11 Captain David and the Adventurer iced the rare and elusive Congrio:

This hybrid fish/eel yields a white lobster-ish meat that is truly world class. Also they are fun to fight because they can swim backwards.

Later in the day they released a nice Rooster fish.

Another great day for Team de Wit and the Adventurer.


January 6, 2016

Andre de Wit’s group has split up between the Adventurer and Explorer to maximize their coverage of the inshore reefs.

Captain David and the Adventurer scored several Snapper and other tasty reef dwellers:

The also boated a big Jack Crevelle and two medium-sized Rooster fish releases:

Great work by the extreme panga fishing tandem and the fearless Andre de Wit group!