April 27, 2013

Bill Harris and the boys got off to a fast start yesterday, but today’s incredible catches put that old business far in the rear-view mirror. Elie was the icebreaker on this trip, releasing this Sailfish just after 9am.

The were more nice Sails close behind as the strikes came at a furious pace.

The action was intense when two lines sang off at once, setting the stage for another amazing Double Sailfish Release.

Looks like everyone got a photos with these lovely twins. Excellent fish handling by First Mate Alex to safely bill, revive, and release these fish.

What happened to your ballyhoo? Did a Sailfish rob you and run away? And what is First Mate Alex doing behind you?

Oh, I see. Putting the final touch on a wonderful five Sailfish release day on the mighty Wanderer!

April 26, 2013

FishingNosara veteran angler Bill Harris has built a solid reputation as a no-holds-barred fish catching machine. In the past he’s had lights-out performances on big Yellowfin tuna and Dorado but has yet to join our bill collectors club. Would he find the elusive Pacific Sail on his three trips this week?

The St. Petersburg, FL angler rolled into town deep this week with fellow Tampa/Pinellas boys Elie Bedran, Andrew Spangler, Joe Arriaga, Brady Harris and Roger Stephan.

Captain William’s plan for these guys? Take them out to Sailfish City and see who quits first…the fish or the fellas?

The Sailfish swarmed the spread thickly and the boys reeled quickly. This first high-flying Sail came in at 9am with several of her hunting buddies close behind.

After the first two releases the bite cooled off, but sure enough it fired right back up after 1pm. Here’s Brady Harris with one of the larger specimens.

The final release of the day came just after 3:30pm and put the perfect cap on a quadruple release effort

Of course First Mate Alex saw to the safe handling and live release of these rare creatures. The way this posse fishes we’re gonna need them around this week!

Most people don’t get to see grown men smiling and giggling like little boys, but it’s a near-daily occurrence on the flagship Wanderer.

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By the way, if you are wondering the best way to end a day of fishing these pictures should get you started:

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November 9, 2012

Bill Harris and the boys rejoined the Wanderer and followed up their Dorado haul from Wednesday with an equally fruitful Yellowfin Tuna harvest. Captain William guided the flagship about 6 miles offshore to the deep water break and started knocking out Yella Fellas on a high speed troll.

They ended up with six tasty Yellowfin Tunas in the box plus added a pair of Dorado for good measure.

This is our first big Yellowfin harvest of the season and you know that First Mate Alex was itching to get the sushi tray out. Fresh sushi on the boat is one of the FishingNosara traditions, and it always makes for some big smiles.

Bill and the boys are pumped up and have added one more fishing day on November 10. Let’s see if they have some luck with the billfish on their final day in Nosara. 

November 7, 2012

The legendary Bill Harris has returned to Nosara along with his buddies from west central Florida. Once again he has signed up the Wanderer for two full days of offshore marine harvesting, and we are happy to report that his first trip went splendidly.

The Dorado bite has been fully-on this season yet no one could predict that these fellas would haul in ten green monsters in the course of the 8 hour trip. The biggest tipped the scales at 45lbs. with several respectable fish also ending up in the box.

What an amazing performance from these Florida anglers. Now that dinner is taken care of for the week we expect Bill Harris to go billfish hunting tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates as they are available.