November 1, 2020

After eight long months of work, the new house Casa Bianca is complete and ready for your visit.

There are still a few small details (like cushions on the seats and wall art) that are in the process of being completed, but the majority of the project is complete.

Special thanks are due to Marino Lora, our longtime chief mechanic who has revealed that he is also a master woodworker; all of the furniture was built by Mr. Lora on-site, and is far superior to store-bought.



October 2, 2020

Casa Bianca is shining brightly in the Costa Rica sun, and our indefatigable crew is working hard to bring this project to completion.

The black tile countertops and pedestals are looking great in the bathroom, showers, and kitchens.

The black accents continue outside, where the front fascia of the building is being inlayed with dark volcanic stone.

This is a time consuming step but the end result is super sharp and helps enhance the curb appeal of Casa Bianca.

This black strap is a unique detail that you won’t find on any other Nosara Paradise Rentals houses.

A big development on the inside is the window installation. Once this is done we can start working inside without fear of the weather; for instance you can see that the A/C units have been installed.


Grevan Hernandez is the chief architect of our sprawling gardens, and he is all set to execute another masterpiece with Casa Bianca.

We are looking forward to the great work by Grevan and the rest of the team as this project nears the finish line.

Here are some more finishing touches:


September 28, 2020

We are in the home stretch on the construction of Casa Bianca. The crew has started to install the ceiling lighting. They are also perfecting the wood-to-concrete mating along the ceiling.

They also are framing and installing the windows. A titan of a task for sure!

Here you can see the first course of windows completely installed.

The exterior is looking gorgeous, and on the inside the fixtures are starting to take shape. Here is the pedestal for the bathroom sink:

The kitchen counterspace has been completely formed and cured.

Now is our chance to see the black tile that will serve as the countertop and backsplash.

The white walls, grey tile, and black accents look great together. Trust me that there was  a lot of consternation over this decision, but so far we are pleased with the result.

It’s amazing what this crew has accomplished in five short months. Casa Bianca is a testament to the power of hard work and cooperation.

Off-site, three of the four exterior doors have been completed. Each of these handcarved masterworks with be a perfect ‘Welcome Home’ for our guests.

September 20, 2020

The rapid progress on Casa Bianca continues…both stairwells are complete and looking good.

The front of the house is nearly complete as is the clean-up of the grounds. Coming soon will be the next garden masterpiece from Javier and Grevan.

Here is the driveway next to the South stairwell.

Inside of Casa Bianca, the concrete around the wood ceiling joists has been fitted and polished. The depth of this wood’s finish seems endless.

Of course, if you keep staring upwards your might miss what is right at your feet:

This tile project requires meticulous attention to detail combine with difficult labor, but our crew is full of tough folks who attack hard work with vigor.

Amazing work by the crew of Nosara Paradise Rentals.

September 10, 2020

We’ve been dodging hurricane-level rainstorms for about a week, but the sun finally shined through to give us a great view of the progress on Casa Bianca.

This coat of primer is not exactly the color of the final paint job (which will be pure white), but the primer gives us a nice sneak-peek at the finished product.

The sunshine highlights the immaculate wood work in the ceiling.

The crew is hard at work finishing the tiny details where the wood meets the concrete. Details make the difference.

We are also progressing on the kitchen counters and bathroom sinks. Here is the first glimpse of one of the bathroom sinks:

Here are the kitchen counter areas.

Coming soon in the fixtures, commodes, and tile work. Stay tuned!