March 29, 2022


Martin Cooper caught this unusual looking creature on March 29 with the Adventurer. It looks like a rock, has a lure like an angler-fish, and has feet like a frog.

Any Marine Biologists out there want to let us know what it is?

Later in the trip, Martin scored multiple very tasty Red Grouper.

Then he caught a big Corvina, except that while he was reeling it in another fish snatched the back half…oh well, what’s left should make good ceviche!

River Fishing Report – December 2014

Javier and the boys have been hitting the river hard this month with lots of nice catches.

Client Nelson Piche scored a nice 8lbs. Snook and and a pair of Corvinas:

Later in the month our friend Phong Nguyen added a trio of small Corvinas:

From shore or from Kayaks, the Fuppernos have the Rio Nosara all figured out.

Nice work at the river mouth!

December 21, 2012

Senior Javier has been working over the river mouth this week and had some great catches to show for his effort. Most recently was this large Corvina that weighs every bit of 15 lbs. Ceviche, anyone?

Earlier in the week Javier knocked out an excellent Snook, approximately 29 inches and 12 lbs. Pictured here with son Dario, this Snook is typical of the beauties that make their home at the mouth of the Nosara River.

Pretty clear family resemblance, even down to the gold chain. Great work by the master of the river, Senior Javier Hernandez!