July 18, 2012

Brad Hrebenar, David Marino and the rest of their Texas posse booked the Wanderer for a half day trip with outstanding results. With Captain William still on the injured list, command of the flagship was temporarily bequeathed to Captain Carlos of the Adventurer joined by mate-in-training Francisco.

New faces in new places, but the result is the same for the mighty Wanderer: This group released four excellent Sailfish and had a nice White tuna for the dinner table.

Take a look at this little guy; estimated at 50lbs. this adolescent Sailfish is more reminecent of a full-grown Atlantic Sailfish. Give him another year or so and this beastie will be bigger than Francisco.

Young billfish like this require even more gentle handling and we are glad to report this fish (like all billfish we catch) was safely released.

Captain Carlos also reports that he had a Marlin on a teaser, but “he will eat next time.” The Marlin have been scarce since May, but as long as the Sailfish are around it seems that everyone is all smiles.