December 26, 2013

Jeff Allen already bested the offshore monsters on December 24, so for his follow-up trip the Wanderer stayed inshore to hunt another bucket-list fish…the sneaky Rooster Fish!

Just as with the Sailfish and Dorado, these great fish came in pairs.

Excellent hunting by the Master Captain William and nice fish-handling by First Mate Alex to ensure the safe live release of these beauties.

December 24, 2013

Jeff Allen and his buddy started the first of their two days on fishing on the Wanderer with a BANG! When you get on board and First Mate Alex has the lures lined up like rifle shells you know that something big is bound to happen.

Double Sailfish release less than an hour into the trip!

After the safe releases these boys would go on to put a pair of Dorados on ice for the dinner table.

Excellent trip by the boat that always comes out swinging!