January 31, 2014

Fantastic send-off for Sarah Heekin and her group! After a week of big Sailfish releases, they finished their three-day excursion with perhaps the largest Sailfish release of the season so far. Look at the shoulders on this monster:

This fish probably outweighs Mate Kevin by 60lbs., so it was a minor miracle just to pull off the safe release.

Later in the day they released another nice Sail to put the cap on a great week of fishing.

Awesome work by Captain David and Mate Kevin to show these North Carolina anglers a great time on the water!

January 27, 2014

Sarah Heekin is the latest in our long lineage of North Carolina anglers to come our way via the NC CCA, and like the rest of the recent anglers from the Tar Heel state her group absolutely tore them out of the frame.

Big Sailfish dominated the morningn, and after Mate Fico safely released the beasts Captain David set the spread to attract tasty Dorados.

This is the first of three trips for this group and we expect even more big catches and big smiles from the Sarah Heekin group.