February 8, 2021

Shane Whealton finished off his week of fishing in style on February 8 with the Harvester reporting a 71lbs. Dorado catch; this is clearly the largest of the year so far.

This big bad bull hit two different baits, but the mega panga’s crew calmly coordinated the fight to prevent tangles.

The Whealton boys were joined by FishingNosara’s Northeast Rep Mark Cooney for this fishin’ mission. Their scorecard was marked up with multiple Sailfish releases.

Busy day for Mate Wilson overseeing the releases of these monsters.

Great work by the Harvester and her crew!

February 4, 2021

Shane Whealton and his father joined Captain David on the 4th and posted one of the best days in the eight-year history of the Adventurer.

This amazingly large Rooster Fish release was the start of this legendary day, which also yielded one of the biggest Jack Crevalles we have ever caught.


The afternoon was dotted with small Tuna catches, highlighted by a pair of 20lbs. Yellowfin Tunas.

Captain David runs this boat alone (meaning no mate) which means the grisly work of fileting this boatload of fish falls to him.

Amazing haul by the 23-foot inshore assassin Adventurer.

February 22, 2019

Shane Wealton treated his father to a Nosara fishing trip in late February, and on the 22nd they filled up the fishbox with lots of Dorados.

The Harvester reports several big Mahi-Mahis, each weighing in at around 30lbs.

Shane put some Instagram filters on the best pics and posted this nice message on social media: “Blessed day with Dad!!!!!!!”

March 6, 2018

The Explorer performed brilliantly on March 6 with angler Josh Elder’s group reporting strong offshore action. They released a nice Sailfish early in the trip.

They filled the fishbox with tasty Dorado filets later in the day. Great all-around action and big smiles for all.

Thanks Shane Whealton of Shane Outside for the great video. See more of his work at facebook.com/ShaneOutside/