February 25, 2021

Captain Alex has the mega panga Harvester firing on all cylinders, and on the 25th welcomed Doug and Dan Rubino to the party.

Once again Sailfish was the primary catch of the day with seven releases on the scorecard.

FishingNosara’s Northeast Rep Mark Cooney was on board to share in the fun.

Excellent work by Mate Wilson to safely handle and release all of these wonderful creatures.



February 8, 2021

Shane Whealton finished off his week of fishing in style on February 8 with Captain Alex reporting a 71lbs. Dorado catch; this is clearly the largest of the year so far.

This big bad bull hit two different baits, but Captain Alex was able to calmly coordinate the fight to prevent tangles.

The Whealton boys were joined by FishingNosara’s Northeast Rep Mark Cooney for this fishin’ mission. Their scorecard was marked up with multiple Sailfish releases.

Busy day for Mate Wilson overseeing the releases of these monsters.

Great work by the Harvester and her crew!