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Salt Life Big Wave Challenge

The Salt Life Big Wave Challenge is an event that honors the surfer and photographer who capture the most popular big wave shot as voted on by thousands of online fans.

FishingNosara and Nosara Paradise Rentals were proud to award a week in Costa Rica and a fishing trip on the Explorer to the riders and shooters of these winning shots:

Great waves and great shots by these NE Florida legends!

October 15, 2011

We always have two eyes on the ocean: one for good fishing conditions, and the other for good surf.

Fortunately a good buddy of ours has set up and all new surf forecast blog called DaBuh’s Surf Forcast. Check out the kind of charts he has on his site:

In addition to this live surf intelligence this blog has lots of good content on a variety of surf topics and is a fun read.  Keep an eye on DaBuh for more additions and improvements in the coming weeks. Pura Vida!