March 21, 2019

Ken and Brenda Russell and Larry Komenda and Misti Nolan switched over to the Discoverer on the 21st, and took their fish-catching ways with them. A couple of Sailfish top the scorecard:

Then this group of hungry Texans needs meat, so this Monster Dorado and elusive Wahoo will fill the refrigerator.

Check out this jealous bird scoping out their haul. Shoo, bird!

February 7, 2014

William Donough enlisted the Explorer on February 7 and Captain David set the super panga right in front of a swollen school of Sailfish.

These monsters came in hot and heavy all afternoon; as soon as Mate Kevin turned one loose another big one came flying through the spread.

The baits were definitely looking tasty, as this frigate bird couldn’t resist a rigged ballyhoo.

We do occasionally get a bird snagged in the lines, but we make sure they are safely released just like the billfish.

By then end of the half-day trip the Explorer had notched five safe Sailfish releases…excellent day by Captain David!