November 16, 2021

Master Captain William put on a show during his November 16th trip on the Wanderer with Josh Berman, Robin Berman, Amy Callihan, and Tedd Callihan.

An early Sailfish release was augmented with a nice Yellowfin Tuna on ice.

Unexpected Wahoo action was a welcome surprise. Great fighting fish that yields awesome white meat!

November 1, 2021

Captain Carlos and Mate Kevin returned to the blue water on November 1st with anglers from Nicholas Gonzalez’ group.

The big battleship Discoverer turned in a wonderful performance to start the season. An epic Wahoo score was backed up by a big Dorado and a quartet of Yellowfin Tunas.

It’s great to be back! Excellent work by the Discoverer. 

May 19, 2021

The Discoverer took Lori Carnahan, Ed Howerton, and the rest of the Stoked on Fishing team offshore on the 19th for a stunning day of fishing.

This Wahoo catch is a rare treat for our crews; there are lots of Wahoo in the fishery, but only the biggest ones are able to snatch our baits from the more aggressive Sailfish/Marlin.

We average only one Wahoo a month, but the ones we get are MASSIVE!

They backed up the Silver Bullet with several tasty Yella Fellas…that’s a diverse filet bag!