May 13, 2014

Our old pal Jay Thompson has been fishing on the Explorer since the inception of Super panga fishing, but on March 13 he let his visiting brother-in-law handle the fish catching duties. Captain Carlos took the Explorer offshore and found an amazing Sailfish.

Mate Fico had no problem handling this beast.

Later they added this small Broomtail Grouper to the fishbox. Excellent filets to go with the trophy release.

March 1, 2014

The Adventurer produced excellent results this month with a wide variety of catches. Check out just a sampling of the inshore morsels that the pocket knife pried up thanks to the moxy of Captain Carlos:

This Broomtail Grouper is definitely an exciting addition to the haul.

Yellowfin Tuna, big Dorado, and Wahoo may be offshore species where you come from, but with the nimble Adventurer these fish market scores can be had just 2 miles from the beach.

Of course a staple of our tasty fish rountine is the delectable White Tuna. These fellas rarely top 15lbs, but every ounce is filled with yummy goodness!

February 12, 2014

The Wanderer stayed inshore today as client David Schwertner had his sights set on big bottom fish. He is already in the FishingNosara Hall of Fame for some legendary catches on the Explorer late last summer, and he may just get in again based on this amazing catch:

Our new Poseidon rods were designed to withstand some big fishing action, and it is clear to say they passed this test:

That is one mammoth of a Cubera Snapper, even by our standards!

Add this monster to this nice little Broomtail grouper that he nabbed earlier in the trip and you got the receipe for lots of good-eatin’ for David Schwertner


January 9, 2014

Doc Hatton and the posse are back on the Wanderer and were welcomed with improved weather and a gaggle of hungry fish.

The battleground was less than a mile from Garza point and the Wanderer defended her home turf by building up a classic feeding frenzy. The first catch was a juvinile Yellowtail Snapper, followed up by a medium-sized Nurse Shark.

An inauspicious start indeed, however this is the first phase of stirring up a bottom fish bite. Sure enough the action coaxed some big fish up from their seafloor hiding spots.



This Broomtail Grouper is a real monster! Right behind it was another nice-sized bottom dweller:





The bite stayed strong and a group of Jack Crevelle swung by to investigate the fishy waters.


The final jewel in the Wanderer‘s bottom fishing crown was this nice Rooster fish.

We release this species, but with the massive Snapper and Grouper catches from earlier it is safe to say that Doc Hatton and his group will be well-stocked with filets this week.


October 5, 2013

Shannon and Pam Emery followed up their incredible first day of fishing with a monster of a different sort; yesterday they beat up big billfish but today they dropped bait to the bottom and bested this beastly Broomtail Grouper:

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Wow! This monster is estimated by the crew to weigh well over 70lbs. That’s a lot of grouper sandwiches for sure!

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“This day was planned to do some inshore for rooster, snapper and grouper. The day was almost a bust because of the rain and color of the water. With 15 minutes remaining the crew got me hooked into a big Broomtail Grouper that we got to the boat despite my letting him get back into the rocks.”

Great work by the crew of the mighty Wanderer, the boat that doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase “off season”.

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