July 22, 2021

After a five Sailfish day on the Harvester, angler Robbie Parks and his family (Adrienne, Simon, and Judah Tucker) moved over the Wanderer on July 22.

Master Captain William beat is protege by one, as the Wanderer reports SIX Sailfish releases.

They also loaded up on filets with three Yellowfin Tunas.

July 20, 2021

On July 20, our great friend and Jacksonville angler Robbie Parks had an exquisite day on the Harvester. The mega panga reports FIVE Sailfish releases.

“We were 5 for 7 on sailfish today with Capt. Alex,” wrote Robbie. “My grandsons fought four of them…each first timers!”

Of course all fish were safely releases by Mate Wilson. Excellent work from the People’s Champion.

Great work by Robbie Parks, Adrienne Tucker, Simon and Judah.

June 23, 2021

Patience pays off, as proved by the flagship Wanderer on June 23. Steven Cobb’s group headed offshore, and the first fish up was this teeny-tiny Dorado.

Not big enought to keep, this little fella was returned to the water. The next two Dorados came soon after and were just barely big enough to keep.

Team Cobb stayed patient, and were rewarded with this excellent Dorado:

They also nabbed a super Sailfish release to round out the trip. Excellent perservance by Master Captain William and the flagship Wanderer.

June 10, 2021

Dan and Natalie Kenel posted a banner day on June 10. The highlight was an amazing Blue Marlin strike in the afternoon.

Mate Elias cleared the lines quickly and guided this young angler through the fight all the way to an excellent release.

A nice Sailfish was caught and released.

Master Captain William spent the afternoon tracking down tasty Yellowfin Tunas for the dinner table.

Great work by the flagship Wanderer!