June 10, 2024

David Hand and his family had a wonderful pair of trips on the Wanderer in June.

Let’s have David tell the story:

Craig, I wanted to let you know what a great fishing trip we had! Fishing with William and Elias was top notch every day! 

We thoroughly enjoyed them on the boat and their knowledge of the water here is unmatched! What a great team!! My 8yr old son caught several yellowfin up to 45lbs on a top water plug and today got an amazing world class Dolphin (mahi) that was every bit of 75lbs+.

Can’t say enough of how happy we are and how highly we think of you and your business!!
Trip of a lifetime!!

Pura Vida!!!!

January 5, 2024

Lauren Quinn posted this review after her trip:

“Fantastic time this past Friday Jan 5th, 2024 fishing with the crew from FishingNosara. We chose the Discoverer from a few options & so glad we did! Our crew was top notch! Captain Carlos & 1st mate David made our son’s first big sport fishing trip an experience to remember.”


“David hooked the giant beast of a sailfish and our 7 year old was able to reel in the 90 lb. sea monster (with some help from David, Carlos & my husband).”

“After some icy cold pineapple & watermelon we went on to bring in three more sails & a mahi mahi! The sails went back in & the mahi expertly filet by David. Obviously we can’t wait to come back next year! Thanks guys!”