July 8, 2012

The Wanderer‘s smooth ride, spacious interior and family-friendly crew make her the first choice for family fishing trips. Katherine brought her two boys along for a 2.5 hour inshore trip and they returned to shore with four small Dorados and two big smiles!

Captain William is a great father and along with First Mate Alex they do an outstanding job of teaching the craft of sportfishing to youngsters.

More importantly they create a safe and fun atmosphere so all anglers can relax and enjoy the trip. Great work all around!

July 1, 2012

James Petter brought the whole family for a quick 2.5 hour trip on the Wanderer. They stayed inshore and caught an array of fish including some small Dorados, tasty White Tunas, and a big ole Jack Crevelle.

Another super family outing on the Wanderer; everyone caught fish and got hooked up with big smiles!

June 20, 2012

Steve Wallace took a ton of filets today on the unbeatable Explorer as the incomparable Captain David delivered two meaty fish for the dinner table. The highlight was this 40lbs. Yellowfin Tuna that is every ounce as good as it looks.

These Coastal Carolina anglers didn’t let up and their efforts also yielded this excellent 33lbs. Dorado.

Steve has booked another day on the Explorer so keep an eye right here on the FishingNosara blog for all the up-to-the-minute reports.

May 28, 2012

Client Bob Hartin and his group brought a great energy to the Wanderer today and on cue the mighty blue beauty delivered the goods for these fellas. Captain William headed offshore for deep water and the boys got off to a fast start.

This awesome Pacific Sailfish came roaring in just after 10am and with Bob on the reel and First Mate Alex coordinating the fight, this billfish release was smooth as silk.

With the trophy fish secure on the metaphorical mantle, the Wanderer switched to the deadly skipping ballyhoo rig and deployed a smaller hookset. The target species for this rig: Dorado!

Look at all the activity in the top of the water column. Captain William has a way of finding spots like this Marine Metropolis.

A trio of 35lbs. monsters were the highlights, but they had two more in the fishbox that weighed at least 25lbs.

Great fun fishing with this group of fired-up hombres…enjoy the filets fellas, but why not let Alex cut them off of the fish first?!

May 25, 2012

Amazing report from the pocket knife Adventurer…Captain Carlos reports that the 23 foot Panga has released her first billfish, a terrific Pacific Sailfish!

Client Josh Walker hook-up up a 100+ lbs. Sailfish on a surface feather about 1 mile from shore. With glass water and calm conditions, there was no stopping Captain Carlos from taking the Adventurer a little more offshore than usual. The water clarity was obviously a huge factor in this strike.

Captain Carlos masterfully coordinated the hook-up and the fight, but most importantly saw to the safe and careful release of this awesome fish.

Now most Captains would be satisfied calling it a day on the heels of this massive acheivement, but Carlos is known for squeezing every drop of action out of a fishing day.

Josh scored five nice-sized Dorados before the Sailfish strike, then later in the day dropped a line to the reef bottom and hauled in this amazing Cubera Snapper.

A trophy fish released and lots 0f filets to go with it. Let’s hope this is a sign of the kind of fishing our clients can expect from Captain Carlos and the never-say-die Adventurer.

May 22, 2012

Craig Sutton and the lovely Georgia peach Paula are in town this week celebrating their 3rd anniversary. Hard to believe it’s only been three years since Paula came along and taught Craig how to fish, but today’s catches on the Explorer were a tasty reminder of Paula’s angling prowess.

Craig showed his stuff in the form of a beautiful 50lbs. Dorado to start off the half-day with Captain David, but Paula brought the house down by catching a dinosaur of a Cubera Snapper.

They also added another mighty Cubera that was almost as big as the first. Great catches by the US Representative for FishingNosara and his fishing instructor Ms. Paula.

May 22, 2012

Ron and Elaine Schurr are the most recent in a long line of Jacksonville anglers who have found success on the mighty Wanderer. It feels like the blue beauty can sense when her passengers hail from her former port of call.

Captain William put these fine folks over a nice bite of Dorado and they came home with about 25 pounds of tasty Mahi Mahi filets.

The Schurr’s have a date with the Explorer and hopefully we’ll have another great report from this First Coast fishing duo. 

May 16, 2012

Today was  a very productive half day outing for Jeff Saint on the nimble new Adventurer. They set up shop just outside of Garza Bay and found fertile fishing grounds over a piece of floating debris.

Jeff pulled five Dorados and eight Bonitas from under the driftwood and then Captain Carlos took them a little further inshore and deployed a scaled-down version of the devastating Planer / Spoon rig (see right side of photo). This tasty Jack Crevelle was the result.

Captain Carlos is a hungry fisherman who squeezes every drop of action out of his fishing days. Another great wall-to-wall report from the hard-charging Adventurer.

May 15, 2012

May 15 was a tough day on the Wanderer. Client James Cash and his group are in town for multiple days of fishing which is a good thing because the water conditions for their first trip were less than stellar.

This 10lbs. Dorado was the only viable catch of the day, and from the picture you can see why. Those dark clouds onshore were pouring fresh water down the mountain which pushed the blue water far out to sea. This influx of new water wrecks havoc on the fishery.

Still the Wanderer showed her “Never Surrender” attitude by getting at least one fish in the box. Let’s hope for better action for Mr. Cash and his posse this week.