August 11, 2011

The Wanderer is on fire this week with the scorecard showing lots of Sailfish releases heading into a full day trip with Dr. Robert Barrett and his crew from Orlando, FL. While on the way out to the blue water, Captain William spotted the telltale splash of a spinning porpoise school and we all know what that means…Yellowfin Tuna Frenzy!

The Florida boys deployed our arsenal of Williamson Jet Poppers into the mass of bubbling water and started pulling Yella Fellas in at a rapid-fire pace. They knocked out fourteen Yellowfin Tunas before moving on to the deep water.

The offshore Sailfish boulevard is still thick with pelagics as evidenced by Robert Barrett’s two monstrous releases. Great trip by Dr. Roberto and the posse…tons of good-eatin’ Yellas and a pair of world class billfish as well!

August 9, 2011

Robert Barrett and his boys from Orlando, FL had a nice trip on the morning of August 9 on the Wanderer. They started on the bottom fishing with our Cuberra Snapper Tactic and guess what? They caught a 35lbs. Cubera Snapper along with three Yella fellas.

The good fishing continued offshore as they topped off the trip by releasing two nice Sailfish. The first one came in on the long shotgun line and David (on loan from the Explorer) billed and captured this beauty. Nice work by the young Mr. Barrett to keep this fish healthy for its release…even First Mate Alex was impressed by the boy’s strength in keeping the fish off of the gunwale:
The next Sailfish was business as usual for First Mate Alex:

Great performance, no? This super-productive day shows what is possible even this late into the season. Great work by the Wanderer and Roberto Barrett!