November 24, 2018

Craig stayed inshore on the 24th and scored two excellent species using live Bonita rigs.

This Cubera Snapper is delightful table fare and should keep everyone fed for the week.

Later in the trip, this Rooster fish managed to hit the hook but miss the Bonita…fortunately the Harvester released this, the dumbest fish on the reef.

Better luck next time, Einstein!

November 19, 2018

Captain Alex posted the trip of the season so far with Terry and Julie Edwards’ group loading up the trophy case with excellent releases.

This MASSIVE Blue Marlin was the headliner of the trip.

Shortly after that battle, the mega panga nabbed a wonderful Saifish release.

Team Edwards came inshore to finish the day, and saved the best for last…this Rooster Fish weighed 72lbs. according to the Boca Grip.

The IGFA All-Tackle Record is 114lbs., however the second place fish was 85lbs. This fish caught by the Harvester is close to the old record.

Most impressively, the record fish were in 1960 and 1954 respectively…clearly this size of Rooster Fish have not been seen in more than 5 decades.

Great work by Team Edwards and the mega panga Harvester!

August 12, 2018

David and Kevin Paredes joined Captain Alex on August 12 and continued their run of hot fishing both offshore and inshore.

This 34lbs. Rooster Fish release is a great addition to the trophy case, and was a harbinger of good things to come later in the day when they headed offshore.

The Harvester reports a 48lb. Yellowfin Tuna and two nice Dorados caught in the blue water offshore.