March 7, 2020

Texas angler Mike Dickerson had a challenging day on March 7, but he and Captain David emerged victorius. In Mike’s words:

“HI Craig,

“Here’s a photo of the nice Jack Crevelle I caught Saturday fishing with David. Most of the day was pretty blown out with big wind waves and whitecaps moving against the swell, but I caught this fish during a short lull in the wind in the only relatively protected bit of water we found all day.”

“I did have one bite from what David was certain was a big roosterfish because it ate a big bait and was tearing line off the reel for about 15 seconds before he broke me off on a reef. So I didn’t get my roosterfish, but this was a nice consolation prize.”

“David worked his butt off all day, and I couldn’t have asked for a more heroic effort. Conditions were just very tough.”

“Thanks for accommodating me on this charter, and I’m happy to provide a very positive reference should you need it.”