August 7, 2014

The Wanderer stayed inshore with Doug and Andrew and scored a nice Snapper for the icebox.

They also fought a medium-sized Rooster Fish all the way to the boat, but First Mate Alex felt it was too weakened to be brought into the boat, so they released him alongside.

Another marked-up scorecard by Doug Dickman and Andrew Queral.

August 5, 2014

Andrew Queral and Doug Dickman took the Wanderer for an excellent day of action on the flagship. The fish were fired up for these Maryland-based anglers.

First order of business was knocked the Rooster fish off of the bucket list, and the mighty blue beauty obliged with this excellent Pez Gallo release.

Captain William pointed the flagship offshore and First Mate Alex deployed the spread for billfish.

Andrew and Doug kept the good times rolling with another nice Sailfish release.

In no time flat a pair of hungry Sailfish showed up and threw down the gauntlet.

Both fish safe released after the photos.

The highlight of the trip came in the afternoon in the form of this gnarley Striped Marlin:

The releases are the achievement of a lifetime for any angler, however pictures on a memory card don’t fill the belly…After a great day of trophy fish releases, you know that these guys weren’t going home empty handed.

This beefy Yellowfin Tuna was the finishing touch on a perfect day of fishing in Costa Rica!

August 4, 2014

Craig Sutton was joined by our old friend Captain Andrew Foster for a long day of trolling on the Wanderer. Bites were scarce offshore, so this Atlantic Beach fishing duo headed inshore and found some excellent action just a few miles from shore.

Andrew’s hot-dogging on the rod was premature, and this big Rooster fish put up a great fight!

After the safe release of the Rooster, Craig scored a nice 25lbs. Cubera Snapper for the dinner table.

Great trip-saving action on the flagship!

July 17, 2014

David Washburn brought the kids along for an inshore fish hunt, and the mighty Wanderer reaped the rewards with a wide variety of filets in the box.

This respectable Rock Snapper kicked off the action, and several more of the tasty red morsels found their way on board.

After the early flurry of action, Mr. Washburn got a strike from a BIG fish and had to use the fighting chair to battle this fish with spinning tackle.


Usually we use this thing for skyrocketing Marlin, so everyone was looking forward to seeing what kind of monster was tied to this reel.

BOOM! This 50+lbs. Rooster fish was live released after a few quick pictures.

 Great fishing from a great family on the mighty Wanderer.

July 12, 2014

Sweet Rooster Fish score on the Adventurer today for client Maciek Sabodacha. The 23-footer stayed inshore and nabbed this handsome fellow:

As usual, this fish was released after the photo. But don’t think these boys didn’t get any filets on the straight razor.

These nice Snappers will make for a festive dinner for sure…Great work!

July 9, 2014

Garza Bay was rocked by a unusual swell event on July 6, which meant we had to pull all the boats from the water and wait for the waves to calm down.

Florida anglers Ken Cox and John Benton had to wait a day to kick-off their fishing expedition, but once the swell passed we were back on the water!

They got off to a quick start with a nice Sailfish release on July 7.

Also check out this wonderful Roosterfish release:

They followed up with some nice Yella Fellas for the ice box. “Just ate a pound of raw tuna. Like eatin butter,” said John. “Awesomest day of fishing ever.”

Things boiled over on July 9 when a MASSIVE Marlin hit the baits and put on a fireworks show for Ken Cox.