May 23, 2012

Steve Creasey will just not let up on these fish! After turning in two Hall of Fame performances in as many days, Mr. Creasey came back down to Earth with a normal fishing day…however ‘normal’ down here is still a world-class day anywhere else.

This Clearwater, FL angler added two more Pacific Sailfish releases to his scorecard plus added a trio of beefy Yellowfin Tunas to the fishbox.

Steve is set to finish his fishing vacation with Captain David on the Explorer after this excellent send-off for the Wanderer. Stay tuned!

May 21, 2012

After racking the biggest Cubera Snapper of the season over on the Explorer, Steve Creasey turned in another Hall of Fame – worthy performance on the mighty Wanderer. This Clearwater, FL based angler had five Sailfish in the spread and ended up releasing four of the mighty beasts.

The first three fish came calling all at once, and it took careful coordination between First Mate Alex in the cockpit and Captain William on the wheel to keep the three billfish from tangling.

Steve kept his cool and all three fish were no match for this crew. All billfish were safe released as always. 

He ended up the day with an additional Sailfish release and a tasty Dorado for the dinner table.

Steve is fired up and that spells trouble for the local marine population…he is only half-way through his fishing adventure and already has claimed two spots in the FishingNosara Hall of Fame. God knows what he has in store for the rest of the week. Stay tuned!

May 20, 2012

Incredible Cubera Snapper catch for client Steve Creasey on the legendary Explorer!

This big red Buick took every ounce of Steve’s strength and almost every inch of line until it finally surfaced.

Kind of makes you forget about Red Snapper closures back in Clearwater, huh Steve?

Captain David kept Mr. Creasey on the fish for the duration of the five hour trip, adding a Cierro Mackerall and three Dorados to the scorecard. Steve has another half day booked with Captain David as well as two full days with Captain William on the Wanderer.

Certainly a great start a week of fishing, but is it worthy of the Hall of Fame? Well it’s a no-brainer when the fish is as tall and as wide as the Captain. Welcome to the hallowed hall Steve Creasey!