April 30, 2014

Ruth Fricke and her group helped Captain David break in the new Discoverer with some excellent action on April 30. They started off with a pair of Bonitas which Mate Kevin used to make our special spinning strip rig.

The big Sailfish couldn’t resist the fresh meat, and the battle raged on the Discoverer with four excellent Sailfish releases.

Mate Kevin executed the safe releases with great precision as Captain David captured these amazing images.

Great work by the new crew on the new battleship!

December 31, 2012

Brian Justice and his family enjoyed a full day on the Wanderer and since the billfish were scarce early in the trip, Captain William pointed the flagship inshore and cleaned-up on a wide array of species.

They started with a handful of Jack Crevelles, then graduated up the tastiness scale to the delectable White Tuna.

Finally their time was rewarded with a world-class hunk of table fare known as the Mullet Snapper! The meat on these fellas looses its density once the fish grown over 25lbs, so we usually don’t get excited about them. However these little fellas yield a flaky, lobster-like meat that it hard to top.

Looks like some folks have a few awesome meals in their future thanks to the unshakable Wanderer.