March 22, 2021

FishingNosara Legends Ken and Brenda Russell joined Captain Alex on the 22nd, and right away Brenda posted the biggest Wahoo of the year so far.

Misti Nolan also nagged a super Sailfish release.

Of course it the Russells are fishing, you know Larry Komenda is going to be in the mix. Check out this excellent Yellowfin Tuna.

March 20, 2021

Our very dear friends Ken and Brenda Russell have returned to Nosara for more excellent fishing action.

Captain William delivered the goods for these multiple-time FishingNosara Hall of Famers. Another Sailfish was released by first time visitors Laurie Cotton and Bert Brothers from Massachusetts.

Ken brought home dinner with this wonderful Yellowfin Tuna.

March 20, 2021

The FishingNosara team hit a Marlin dry-spell in the middle of March, but Captain Fico on the Explorer scouted far offshore and found one on the 19th.

The very next day Captain Carlos capitilzed on that intelligence and found a Black Marlin of his own near the same area.

Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

After the Marlin release, Tom Schwaab’s group also scored a Sailfish release and put a few Yellowfin Tunas in the filet bag.

Great work by the big battleship Discoverer.

March 18, 2021

Mike Loughrey and the Harvester scored big on March 18. The highlight was this floor-sweeping monster Dorado.

They augmented this catch with some smaller Yellowfin Tunas and a nice Sailfish release.

“Great time in Nosara last week,” Mike wrote via email. “Casa Neptune is a great spot for a couple folks. Thanks for everything. Fishing with Alex and Wilson was epic! Freddy, Javier, Mary, Alex & Yoseph were great to be with.”