The Nearby Ledge Makes The Difference

Topo Map Nosara

Why is the Fishing in Nosara so good? While the remote location and absence of giant marinas means less pressure on the fishery, the most important factor is clearly visible on the map above.

The Nosara Coast is so good for fishing because of the 100 fathom ledge bending in towards the beach. This underwater alley brings the blue water and its species of fish very close to the beach. Also, tends to hold the blue water species of fish in the Nosara area for the greater part of the year.

This close proximity to the blue water shortens your travel time and therefore costs you less; virtually none of your fishing time is wasted in transit…you can fish all day! Also, the prevailing ocean currents brings lots of bait fish to the area.

While most of the other sport fishing boats out are making the 50 mile run from Los Suenos to the South or 40 miles out of Flamingo and Tamarindo to get to the deep water, we are about 3.5 miles from the best fishing in the Nosara area.

Compared that to my hometown of Jacksonville, FL where we routinely make a three-hour, 70 mile run out to our 200 foot ledge.

Topo Map Jacksonville FL

Or howabout the Northeast where offshore fishing pretty much requires a 100+ foot boat to make the 20-hour roundtrip to deep water.

Topo Map NE USA

Not only does Nosara have some of the most fertile fishing in the world but it is offers some of the best bang-for-your-buck fishing around.

(Images from Google Maps which utilizes USGS depth readings)