Costa Rica Entry Cheat Sheet

<<updated April 1, 2022>>

On April 1st some of the restrictions established to counteract the effects of covid-19 were lifted in Costa Rica.

The situation in the country has stabilized, with a significant decrease in the number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

1.) The health pass (QR Code) to enter the country for non-nationals is abolished.

2.) Unvaccinated foreigners are no longer be required to pay insurance in order to enter and remain in Costa Rica.

3.) A negative test is still required to return to your home country. Regarding those who tested positive a health order will still be issued, but it will only last seven days from the first day of symptoms.

-from April 1, 2022


Guests at Nosara Paradise Rentals can now schedule their Covid test in house; the nurse will come to you house and perform the tests, then email results in 24 hours.

Our office staff is scheduling the appropriate date for these tests when you check-in.

Cost is $75 ($60 for the test, $15 for convenience)

This is the easiest way to get your Covid test!






These are not currently in effect, but they are maintained here for posterity.

<<updated January 15, 2022>>

Tourists from anywhere in the world can visit Costa Rica, which does not require a negative coronavirus test to enter. Travel medical insurance is necessary for all visitors who are not vaccinated.

These are are the requirements to enter Costa Rica on a commercial flight as a tourist:


Costa Rica does not require a health insurance policy for travelers who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The measure takes effect starting August 1, 2021. Since that date, minors and those who are fully vaccinated can enter Costa Rica as tourists without purchasing a travel health insurance policy.

In order to qualify, adults must have:

*Received an approved vaccine: Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Johnson & Johnson.

*The last dose of the schedule must have been administered at least 14 days before entering Costa Rica.

*Proof must be demonstrated with a document that includes the person’s full name, date of each dose, formula, and lot number. For U.S. visitors, the Covid-19 vaccination record card meets the requirement.

Everyone entering Costa Rica will continue to be required to complete the online Health Pass, an epidemiological form. This must be filled out during the 72 hours before arriving in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica will continue to mandate insurance for unvaccinated adults who seek to visit the country

1.) Health Insurance (for non-vaccinated travelers)



Grupo INS


Trawick International

This interface is user friendly and operates like a shopping cart on Amazon or eBay. The cost is about $12 per day, and there is a higher cost for travellers over 70 years of age.

2.) Health Form

You are not allowed to fill this out until you are within 72 hours of your flight.

Address: The form asked for your destination address, and here it is:

Nosara Paradise Rentals, Playa Guiones, Guanacaste

You have to fill out the form yourself.



All air passengers — including U.S. citizens and permanent residents — must get tested for Covid within three days of their flight to the U.S.

Why does the Order specify 3 days rather than 72 hours? What is considered 3 days?

The 3-day period is the 3 days before the flight’s departure. The Order uses a 3-day timeframe instead of 72 hours to provide more flexibility to the traveler. By using a 3-day window, test validity does not depend on the time of the flight or the time of day that the test was administered.

For example, if a passenger’s flight is at 1pm on a Friday, the passenger could board with a negative test that was taken any time on the prior Tuesday or after.

Passengers must show written documentation of a negative test result.


UPDATE April 13, 2021

Guests at Nosara Paradise Rentals can now schedule their Covid test in house; the nurse will come to you house and perform the tests, then email results in 24 hours.

Our office staff is scheduling the appropriate date for these tests when you check-in.

Cost is $95 ($65 for the test, $30 for convenience)

It is more expensive, but this is the easiest way to get your Covid test!



Laboratorios Echandi is advertising rapid antigen tests at Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport (LIR) in Liberia, Guanacaste.

The lab is promising results within an hour for tests taken at the airport.

“Arrive at the airport 4 hours before check-in and receive your Covid-19 antigen test results in less than an hour,” their advertisement reads.

The one-hour antigen test at LIR costs $65. Interested travelers should schedule their test at this link.

“These tests are only authorized for air travel to certain countries, including the United States,” the lab says. “Please have your ticket information and passport ready for verification at the testing site.”

Costa Rica Health Pass cheat sheet:

1.) Your US phone number goes like this: +001 (area code) number…So the phone number (904) 591-2161 would be displayed as +0019045912161

This is also how you will have to dial back home when you are in CR, even though your cell phone will work normally except the dialing part.

2.) They do the day and month in reverse of the US method: dd/mm/yyyy

This means December 8th, 2020 is 08/12/2020 instead of our way which is 12/08/2020

3.) Most Americans only have two names (first and last) but Central Americans have 4 or more. On the forms:

First Surname = Last Name
Second Surname = Leave Blank
First Name = First Name
Second Name = Leave Blank

4.) The Address where you will be staying:

Address line 1: Nosara Paradise Rentals

Address line 2: Playa Guiones, Nicoya, GTE

Address line 3: <leave blank>


Costa Rica’s Vaccine Mandate (CURRENTLY POSTPONED):

This policy was postponed due to pushback from the tourism industry. This post remains in order to provide a complete reference document:

Starting December 1, 2021 Costa Rica will require proof of Covid-19 vaccination to enter some businesses and to participate in large events.

Which venues will require vaccination?

Vaccines will be required to enter: Restaurants and food courts; bars and casinos; stores and commercial centers; museums; gyms; hotels; worship sites; event halls; theaters and cinemas; sporting events.

Vaccines will NOT be required to enter supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, banks, and other services deemed essential.

Do tourists need to be vaccinated?

As of December 1, tourists will use their Health Pass (the form used to enter the country) and a copy of their vaccination card to enter businesses. Only those who are fully vaccinated will be able to enter these places.

Effectively, the only change for vaccinated tourists is that they should keep their Health Pass and a copy of their vaccine certificate handy throughout their visit to Costa Rica. The easiest method is to keep a screenshot of the QR code and a photo of your vaccination card on your phone.

-from with assist from Outlier Legal

Off Season Maintenance 2019 – Week 5

It’s been another whirlwind off-season, and once again FishingNosara is locked and loaded for another great season of fishing.

Big changes are afoot all around the Nosara Paradise Rentals campus. The bathrooms in most houses have been completely refit with new tile and countertops throughout.

Casa Tranquilo got the upgraded bathroom and new kitchen counters.

Casa Neptune got a new set of window bars:

Special thanks are due to our world-class crew. Nothing would be possible without the teamwork and positive attitude that our staff exhibits in all of their work.

Harvester WINS Ship of Fools Tournament!

For the fifteenth straight year the Ship of Fools Tournament attracted Costa Rica’s top anglers to Playa Garza; for the second time in three years the FishingNosara team took home the hardware.

Captain Alex Moreno on the 32-foot mega panga Harvester topped the leaderboard with 1700 points (11 Sailfish releases, one Black Marlin release, and one Blue Marlin release) during the two day event.

“Alex is the dude,” exclaimed Captain Patrick Humphrey of Ft. Lauderdale. “He has the best eyes I’ve ever seen and fishes as aggressively as we do in South Florida.”

Captain Humphrey runs trips for Lady Pamela II Sportfishing in Hollywood, FL. He was joined by wife Jennifer, daughter Amelia, and angling legend Patrick Irwin.

The Ship of Fools Tournament is one of the last true billfish release tournaments in Costa Rica. Each scoring fish must be billed and photographed by hand (no snatch-leader releases) which increases the difficultly tremendously.

On the first day of the tournament, eleven boats set out from Playa Garza and set up shop twelve miles offshore in 2100 feet of water.

Captain Alex was first boat to the spot and put three Sailfish releases on the board in the opening hours of the first day. As the rest of the field lagged behind, the mega panga hooked up a Blue Marlin for a two hour fight.

After the photograph and safe release a second Marlin entered the spread, this time a big bad Black. Captain Patrick belted up for the battle of a lifetime, conquering the fish in two-plus hour fight that saw eight leader grabs before the successful release.

“I had a trip planned for Hawaii in the winter to cross Black Marlin off my list,” said Patrick, smiling. “I guess that’s off”

Their total of 1000 points is a single day record for the event, and lost in the shuffle is that they scored the ultra-difficult Billfish Grand Slam.

The second day was just like the first, with the Harvester scoring early and often. They snagged seven more Sailfish release including one at 3:59pm, one minute before lines-out.

The Harvester’s haul is an all-time best for this tournament, eclipsing the winning score of 1200 posted two years ago by FishingNosara teammate the Explorer.

For Captain Alex it is the culmination of perseverance through years of adversity in this event. In 2011 as mate on the Wanderer he recorded 14 Sailfish releases during prefishing only to get zero during the actual event. In 2016 he had the thing won until the camera with all the proof-photos fell overboard late on the second day.

“I’m incredibly proud of what Captain Alex has done with the Harvester,” beamed Craig Sutton, founder of FishingNosara and architect of the mega panga design. “He pushed himself and his boat to the edge during months before this event.” (ed. note: The Harvester ran 47 trips in February and March)

“He has honed his instincts and advanced his craft,” Sutton continued. “Captain Alex has paid the price to reach to top of the mountain.

The FishingNosara team looks forwarded to challenging the Harvester in the 2020 Ship of Fools Tournament next April and to competing with Alex in the 1st Annual FishingNosara Invitational in early August 2019.

If you and your best anglers are ready to compete, the FishingNosara US office can be reached at 9045912161 USA or

Harvester Highlights:


Wanderer Highlights:

Explorer Highlights: