January 10, 2011

It’s been more than a month, but the crew here at FishingNosara is still glowing from the Loughran wedding. It was the first destination wedding that we have had down here and featured five full days of fishing on the Wanderer, a full-on pig roast/marimba band fiesta, and of course the white-glove service that has made Nosara Paradise Rentals famous. Check out this great email we got:

“Wow—i cannot believe how awesome our wedding was!!! And it was so great b/c of you and all of your staff—especially Javier…we told him that he could add “Wedding Planner” on his resume…ha ha…that man knows how to get things done!!! 🙂 It was such a special occasion and man, we have some good stories from that week!!!”

“Thanks again Craig for all your hard work and effort!!! I know my dad can get a little intense when it comes to fishing, but what other family can say they caught their own food for the wedding reception!!! 🙂 Love it!!!”

Mary Loughran Foster