April 12, 2012

Morgan Trible and Kenny Strickler have built reputations as the most consistent anglers in the area. Hailing from the hard fishing state of Virginia, these guys seem to post Hall of Fame-caliber results every time they hit the water.

On this, their third trip of the week, the boys had a pair of early afternoon Sailfish attack the spread but spit the hooks. They deployed this special live bait spread to coax up another billfish:

The ladies were back in the boat for only 5 minutes before a mack-daddy Sailfish came for a visit. The fight was thrilling but quick as these Virginian’s added another great Sailfish release to their scorecard.

I love the ‘everyone look somewhere besides the camera’ pose here.

Also check out the blue FishingNosara coozie on the right; we have been out of stock of blue coozies for quite some time now, which means one of the guys brought it along from home. Hold on to that coozie, bud…it’s good luck!

With First Mate Alex’s careful assistance, Morgan released this Sailfish clean and ready to fight another day.