April 11, 2012 – Day 1

Here we go again!

Please welcome the newest member of the FishingNosara fleet, the 31-foot Discoverer!

With the success of the Wanderer, the FishingNosara US Build Team has selected another 31′ T-Craft to serve as our next great Costa Rican sportfishing platform

In these pictures Craig Sutton, Captain Jack, and Craig Jr. are inspecting the currently installed inboard powerplant.

We plan on selling this motor (which has less than 100 hours on it) soon and converting this hull for outboard Yamahas.

This boat is rough in a lot of ways, but it is exactly the kind of project we are looking for.

The core pieces are in place and the majority of this boat’s need are time and energy-based rather than costly price-wise.

We negotiated a fair price for this boat and we pumped to throw in a week in Nosara in exchange for a price break. We look forward to getting Earl down to our little slice of paradise either this year or maybe sometime next year…he may even get to fish on the Discoverer!