December 18, 2012

Becky Hogan is famous in Jacksonville for running the legendary charter vessel The Mayport Princess, but her performance on the Wanderer stands out as one of the great fishing feats our team has ever witnessed. Along with her family and the crew, Ms. Hogan laid the smack down on a whole mess of Pacific billfish.

Topping the scorecard is two massive Marlin releases, both Stripeys and both bad to the bone.

Between Marlin bouts Becky also suplexed four Pacific Sailfish including a awe-inspiring Double Sailfish Release.

Amazing work by First Mate Alex to safely handle and release all of these wonderful billfish.

Now don’t  go thinking that these anglers went away hungry…Becky and the boys backed up the trophy releases with seven Dorados ranging between 20lbs. – 30lbs.

That’s a legendary performance from a legendary Jacksonville angler!