February 14, 2012

Our great friend Wayne Estes from Jacksonville has made multiple runs offshore with us over the years, but today’s “Valentine’s Day Massacre” will live on forever in FishingNosara history as the most productive day of Marlin fishing to date. Mr. Estes caught and released an unheard-of number of Striped Marlin.

The good-looking blue water was far away by our standards (30 miles) but Captain William’s gambit to go this far out paid dividends early and often. Things started off well with an early Sailfish release by Mr. Estes.

After the Sail was safely released the Wanderer was ambushed by wave after wave of Striped Marlin. The first one hit around 8:30 am and the Estes’ released one an hour for the next four hours.

That’s right, FOUR Striped Marlin release on a five-hour trip. Throw the early Sailfish in the mix and you have a exemplary day of Hall of Fame-caliber fishing.

Most importantly, all five billfish were safely and quickly released. We look forward to catching them another day.

What an amazing trip for the crew and clients! Great job by Captain William and First Mate Alex to deliver the trip of a lifetime to old friend Wayne Estes.