November 25, 2017

The Wanderer welcomed back FishingNosara Hall of Famer Wayne Estes for a great day of fishing on November 25.

Wayne and Mauri Elledge started off with a double Dorado hookup and brought both monsters straight to the flagship.

More big Mahi Mahi kept the rods bend all day long.

As the sun went down a final pair of Dorados found the hooks and these Jacksonville angler brought them home.

November 19, 2015

Master angler Waynes Estes just shattered our record for largest Yellowfin Tuna catch. This MASSIVE monster easily weighs in over 150lbs.

Even more impressive is that Wayne caught this beast on a spinning rod!

The bite came late in the day, and the fight continued into the dark.

Finally First Mate Alex got the monster on board…at first we only had these low-light phone pics of the monster:

Then Captain William saved the day by sending along his full-color shots, where you can see this Yellow Submarine in all it’s might!

Wayne also caught an 80lbs. Yella earlier in the trip, which on any other day would be the highlight of the trip:

June 21, 2012

Wayne Estes and his son Trevor finished the 18th birthday fishing extravaganza with an excellent Yellowfin harvest on the Wanderer. They had a peaceful adventure and pulled in several nice Tunas to boot.

Wayne has fished with FishingNosara since the very beginning but this was  unique chance to hit the water with only his just-turned-18 year old son. These are the kind of bonding experience that can’t be defined with words, but when we see pictures like this one below, we are just happy to help these moments happen.

Pura vida!

June 19, 2012

Waynes Estes and his son Trevor were back on the Wanderer today and were determined to hunt the reef dwellers. Trevor caught the first fish of the day, this rare and elusive Blue Jack Crevelle.

In fact the Jacks were thick all day as the Estes’ boys mopped up the Crevalles.

Check out Wayne’s old-school FishingNosara T-shirt…this ain’t no first timer folks!

The action heated up in a major way in the afternoon as not one, not two, but THREE Roosterfish found the hooks. This comes on the heels of the Wanderer‘s double Rooster day last week.

Fantastic work by this Jacksonville-based Father and son fishing team!

All three pez gallo were released safely and we look forward to catching them many more times.


June 18, 2012

Our great friend Wayne Estes has returned to Nosara for another round of big-time billfishing, and this trip he brought his teenage son Trevor Newman along for the adventure. Captain William and the Wanderer were up for the challenge, and on this afternoon half-day he put young Trevor on a beautiful Pacific Sailfish.

Trevor handled this monster like an old pro and made us all proud with this excellent release. Great work as always by First Mate Alex ensuring the safe release of this fish.

The Estes Gang is looking to stay inshore tomorrow to hunt the reefs after this excellent trip offshore.