July 5, 2011

Huber and his group were back on the Wanderer and spent the day  in the reef beating the heck out of the big bottom fish. They started out by trolling to for Bonitas to use as live bait and were quickly successful; in no time at all they were fully armed with eight juicy black bonitas, plus got a nice Amberjack.

As always Captain William and First Mate Alex sent the bait swimming to the bottom and the frenzy commenced. Hunter and the boys finally let up on the monsters but only after boating a 30lbs. Cubera,  a 35lbs. Broomtail Grouper and a 20lbs Amberjack.

Wonderful day for the Huber group to follow up their great billfish performance. Let’s see what they have in store for their next encounter with the big bills in the coming days.