July 5, 2011

Huber and his group were back on the Wanderer and spent the day  in the reef beating the heck out of the big bottom fish. They started out by trolling to for Bonitas to use as live bait and were quickly successful; in no time at all they were fully armed with eight juicy black bonitas, plus got a nice Amberjack.

As always Captain William and First Mate Alex sent the bait swimming to the bottom and the frenzy commenced. Hunter and the boys finally let up on the monsters but only after boating a 30lbs. Cubera,  a 35lbs. Broomtail Grouper and a 20lbs Amberjack.

Wonderful day for the Huber group to follow up their great billfish performance. Let’s see what they have in store for their next encounter with the big bills in the coming days.

July 4, 2011

Big day of inshore action for the Explorer and the Wanderer as the FishingNosara team had some great weights on the hooks. The Harlins went out on the Explorer this morning for a half-day and caught four nice 15lbs. Yellowfin Tunas and fifteen Twofin Tunas between 10-12lbs.

Later in the day on the Explorer Frank Desoblin from Gecko Verde in Samara choose the Super Panga for a half day and caught four Yellowfin tunas and 3 Twofins.

Meanwhile on the Wanderer Captain William took the Huber group a little bit offshore to troll for some monsters, and they found the BIG Yellas  out by a school of porpoises. They had several multiple hook-ups and kept some nice behemoths for the fishbox.

Great day of fishing by the whole FishingNosara Team.

July 3, 2011

Hunter Huber and his group started the first of several day of fishing on the Wanderer with a bang. By 10am they had a Double Sailfish release and within the hour had released an additional Sailfish.

The Huber posse released another one around 3pm and added two beefy Yellowfin Tuna for the dinner table. Great work by Captain David and First Mate Alex to get these fellas introduced to Costa Rican Sportfishing with a great day.

They will be back for more this week so look out!