March 15, 2014

Tom and Tammy Clymer had a boatload of fun fishing inshore with Captain William on the Wanderer. Our tactic is to stir up a feeding frenzy on one of our inshore reefs, hoping to coax one of the big bottom dwellers out from his hiding spot in the ocean floor.

The trick to this kind of fishing is perseverance and patience; the fish of a lifetime won’t be the first one on the hook, but if you invest the time over a good spot then the monster will come calling. Tammy got the action fired up with this nice Jack Crevelle.

Then young Misses Clymer added another Jack Crevelle:

This activity combined with a few Bonitas getting recycled into the water by First Mate Alex’ knife, this area was bound to yield something big.

Something hit Tom Clymer’s line like a wrecking ball and bent the rod over like a bullwhip.

What was this tiny water disturbance hiding?


Great work by the Clymer family in executing this bottom fishing attack strategy with the unstoppable Captain William.