March 22, 2014

Team Showalter has been gaining momentum at a rapid pace, but nobody saw this one coming….how’s 18 Sailfish releases sound?

When the day starts with a double hook-up and release, you know it’s going to be a fun day.

Captain William tracked down a whole chorus line of kicking Sailfish and First Mate Alex lined them up like the Rockettes.


One after the other these fired-up Sailfish came pouring into the spread.

After lunch the bite turned white-hot with not one but a second Triple Sailfish Hookup!

Check out some second-tier boats from the area trying to swoop in on Captain William’s mighty Wanderer:

Ain’t happening bro…The blue beauty kept releasing Sails until the last minute of the 8 hour trip.

It’s worth pointing out that all 18 releases were ‘clean’ meaning that the circle hook was fully released and removed from the fish…a lot of times when you hear of sportfishing teams ‘releasing’ large numbers of Sailfish that they are using the so-called Snatch release or South Florida release; this technique is safe and quick for the humans but leaves the hook in the fish, meaning a slow death for the billfish.

We don’t ever snatch release and it’s worth commending First Mate Alex and our other mates on their mastery of the clean release.

Amazing fishing for Team Showalter who once again prove that if you put in the hours on the blue water, the fish will reward your time investment!