May 1, 2020

Construction of Casa Bianca is progressing at a whirlwind pace.

Final checks of the rebar ties, plumbing, and electrical conduit were performed along with a final compaction test of the ground.

The whole crew was on-site at 6am for a long day of pouring concrete.

Once again, all of this concrete is mixed on site using a small tumbler; no big mixing truck or hopper…just shovels and wheelbarrows!

After a long day of humping buckets and barrows of wet concrete, the initial foundation for Casa Biance was completed.

Great work by the Nosara Paradise Rentals and FishingNosara crew!

Meanwhile work continues around the Nature Preserve Campus. The woodwork on Casa Bonita responded so well to sanding that we are replicating the process on Casa Tranquilo.

Also our vast collection of furniture is being sanded and refinished by Antonio.

Looking good!