April 29, 2020

Nothing helps pass the time like a project, and at Nosara Paradise Rentals our property improvement projects are making the days fly by.

This roof refinishing project is long-overdue. With a lot of gutty trips up the ladder and hours with a sanding disc, these eaves are looking good as new.

We always try to conserve materials, so we applied the excess stain to the house signs.

Of course our new house Casa Bianca is the main project, and all hands are on deck for this build.

Notice that there are no tracks from an excavator? That’s because this foundation was dug the old fashioned way: Shovels and sweat!

We were able to purchase all the materials needed for this job is one fell swoop. There is a lot of lost time waiting on deliveries, and that’s a problem that we won’t have to worry about.

We also don’t have a big cement mixer truck, so the stem walls were poured manually. Many hands make light work.

With the stem wall in place and the dirt tamped down, we are ready to route the plumbing and electrical conduits that will go under the slab.

Javier Hernandez and our long-time master builder Dieter are running this job-site with expertise and determination. That’s a good thing because if we left it up to these guys we’d have a problem:

Past guests of Nosara Paradise Rental should recognize familiar faces: Security guard Eduardo Hernandez, driver “Fast Freddy”, concierges Yoseph and Arturo are all pitching on on this project.

Maria has the kitchen roaring and is supplying breakfast, snacks, ice water, and (most importantly) coffee for the crew.

Vincent Van Gogh: “If one is master of one thing and understands one thing well, he has insight into and understanding of many things.”

It’s really impressive to see how our boat crews are able to completely reorient themselves towards construction work. These guys are masters of a specific craft (sport-fishing) and it’s amazing to see them turn in a strong day’s work while helping the team in the field of construction.

Nosara resident Maria Gómez: “[What a great leap from the sea to land the work on land is hard. Tired and sore. Wow!]”

Hopefully their flexibility is an inspiration to all the people right now who are out-of-work or in an unsure position professionally. A strong work ethic and openness to new challenges will always end in success.

Florida Sportsman Editor Blair Wickstrom: “Great work….I think I found a bunch of guys who want to get back on the boats more than I do. Looks good though….”

Hubble Keller: “I can’t wait to get there, looks good boys.”

Maria Acanfora Lein: “Looking forward to returning with my son, Harris and grandson Noah”

Ray Wimbrow: “Looking guys! Stay safe”

Candice Spivey Trevino: “Looking great! Looking forward to our next visit!”

Ginger Graham Hill: “Great job. We snuck our trip in on Valentine’s day in February. So glad we got to enjoy Nosara before all of this. We will be back . Everything and everyone was amazing!”

Brenda Taylor Russell: “Looks great everyone!!! Stay safe we love you all!”

Mirtha Bustos Carrillo: “[Beautiful that Nosara Paradise Rentals maintains the staff in such difficult times that it is a blessing for their Employees✌]”

Samantha Kenney: “Praying for you all! Can’t wait to come back!”

Mark Cooney: “Incredible! I’ve watched them work many times. They amaze me with their stamina and talent. Kudos to Craig, Matty and the gang for keeping everyone working and making decisions that are of benefit everyone!”