Casa Neptune Repair

One of Nosara Paradise Rental’s most endearing features is our Nature Preserve. Countless clients have enjoyed the tranquility of monkeys sunning in the trees overhead while pizotes meander through the grounds.

It’s not always that nice…in this installment of When Nature Attacks we look at what happens when the roof of our beloved Casa Neptune encounters the crown of a massive Guanacaste Tree:

As a Floridan who has put more than one roof on a house, I thought that this repair would take weeks if not months.

Imagine my surprise to receive this picture from Javier just six days later:

We’ve been telling y’all that Javier is a building legend for years now, but this project really takes the cake. I don’t know how they did it and I don’t want to know.

Fantastic work by Javier, Grevan, and the rest of Nosara Paradise Rentals team on this repair.

When nature attacks, we fix it!