January 6, 2014

Four-time Hall of Famer Dennis Paul and the lovely Barbara Dayhoff are back in Nosara for a week of fun fishing action.

Barbara led off the day with a wonderful Sailfish release.

Later in the trip a big bad Striped Marlin hit the spread and the fight was on!

This fish stayed deep in the water and challenged Dennis to a tug-of-war…this is unusual behavior from a small Stripey as they usually put on an acrobatic display above the water.

Dennis used the fighting chair, his own custom fishing belt, and a little help from First Mate Alex to land this beast.

Great work by the flagship and, dare-I-say the FIVE time Hall of Famer Dennis Paul.

June 4, 2013

Dennis Paul and the Wanderer turned in a legendary performance on June 4: A Double Sailfish release backed up by a 250lbs. Striped Marlin release!

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That’s big even for this three-time Hall of Famer, who for this first time on this trip was joined by his girlfriend Barbara Dayhoff. These Clearwater, FL based anglers got of to a blazing start when the pair of Sailfish hunters hit the ballyhoos.

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This fight was intense and after a 20 minute battle they had overcome both Sails and brought them alongside for picture-perfect double release just after 1pm.

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The Wanderer continued to troll for a few hours when the brutal 250lbs. Striped Marlin came calling just before 4pm and Dennis was up to the task to bring her in.

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Another outstanding performance by Captain William, First Mate Alex and the mighty Wanderer as once again Dennis Paul etches his name into the Hall of Fame.