January 12, 2016

Ben Evans and Joe Driscoll returned to the Wanderer on the 12th with another great fantastic fishing performance.

They stayed inshore this time and loaded the fish box with gigantic Amberjacks.

Beware of these masked bandits!

They also hooked up a small Shark, released without incident.

On their final day of fishing, they returned to Sailfish City and ended their week with this nice Sailfish release.

January 9, 2016

Returning anglers Joseph Driscoll and Ben Evans started their week with a bang on January 9 with a bevy of big billfish releases on the Wanderer.

The Sailfish were extra fired-up, but Master Captain William was one step ahead of them with his virtuoso boat handling skills.

The action didn’t stop until the sun went down, which was just fine by these hardcore anglers.