November 15, 2021

Josh and Robin Berman got acclimated to the blue water fishery on November 15, scoring eight BIG Dorados. They were joined by Tedd and Amy Callihan on this fishing mission.

These Tavernier, FL-based anglers put on a fantastic fishing clinic on these catches.

They also caught and released this little shark, but don’t worry…we’re NOT going to need a bigger boat!

January 16, 2020

The Explorer posted a very contradictory scorecard on January 16; on one hand they caught two memorable fish but on the other hand both had to be released.

We’ve put a self-imposed restriction on these big Cubera Snappers. When they are this big we chose to release them for the health of the fishery.

Big or small, we want nothing to do with this Shark:

Still a great day of rod-bending fun on the barroom brawler Explorer.

May 25, 2018

The Adventurer welcome Chris Walcott for a morning half day and they walloped a GIGANTIC Amberjack.

This monster easily weighs over 60lbs. and will make for some fine filets; unlike their Atlantic Ocean brethren, the Pacific Amberjacks are great table fare.

Later on they also came face-to-face with a Shark.

This is as close as Captain David wanted to get to this mini Jaws, so they cut the line and let him swim free.

January 12, 2016

Ben Evans and Joe Driscoll returned to the Wanderer on the 12th with another great fantastic fishing performance.

They stayed inshore this time and loaded the fish box with gigantic Amberjacks.

Beware of these masked bandits!

They also hooked up a small Shark, released without incident.

On their final day of fishing, they returned to Sailfish City and ended their week with this nice Sailfish release.

March 18, 2015

Our good friend Eddie Showalter returned to Costa Rica for another foray into the blue water, and brought his friends Mike Neeland and Laura Lanoue.

Laura was thrilled to see that one of her prior conquests is immortalized in our Guiones Beach Office.

She repeated her Sailfish success on the Discoverer with this outstanding release:

She also added a fine Rooster fish release, and got an up close look at a mean old shark.

Safely returned to the water by Mate Juan Carlos, this pez gallo is quite a fish-catching accomplishment.

August 27, 2014

The Explorer continues to shine as an inshore warrior, and on a recent trip she ran the gamut with a nice Rooster Fish release backed-up by some football-sized Yellowfin Tunas.

They also hooked up Jaws’ little brother, and Captain Carlos smartly cut the line to save his fingers.

All in a day’s work for the 26-foot barroom brawler.

August 3, 2014

Andrew Queral and Doug Dickman got off their week of Costa Rica fishing off to a blazing start! They notched the Wanderer‘s scorecard with a big Dorado, several Sails, and a MASSIVE Marlin.

A nice pair of Sailfish were the highlight of the morning, and a mid-day Bonita catch led to First Mate Alex reaching deep into his bag of tricks:

The crew moved quickly to rig a hook to this Bonita and keep him alive in the Tuna Tubes…this bait was pitched into the spread when a big Black Marlin hit.

In the afternoon they accidentally hooked-up a small Shark and released it after the photo:

It wasn’t all releases, though; this floor-sweeping Dorado certainly melted a bit of ice and served as the cherry on top of a perfect day of fishing.