January 30, 2014

Clifford Jordan returned to the Explorer on January 30 and decided to focus strictly on Sailfish…makes sense when you have a ton of filets already on ice from the first two trips!

Captain David and Mate Kevin were on their game with a quartet of Sailfish releases.

All safe released as always, and some great shots by Captain David of these lovely creatures.

This four fish day is a perfect send off for these awesome North Carolina anglers!

January 28, 2014

Clifford Jordan had a stellar day on board the Explorer with a scorecard that can be defined as the perfect day of charter fishing.

They started off inshore and immediately put these two whopping Dorados in the fishbox.

Then Captain David pointed the barroom brawler off-shore early in the trip and they spend the morning getting hammered by Sailfish.

Great releases by Captain Carlos (of the Adventurer) to ensure the safe survival of all of these catches.

In the afternoon they returned inshore in search of more filets, and were rewarded with this giant Cubera Snapper.

For a victory lap they added this Yellowfin tuna…three kinds of filets plus several trophy releases? That’s what I call a perfect day!

January 26, 2014

Clifford Jordan came our way by bidding on a prize package offered through the North Carolina CCA.

Like many of our past anglers from the Tar Heel State, this group put on a fishing clinic with Captain David and Mate Fico on the Explorer.

Sailfish attacked early and often, but they were no match for the Super Panga.


All the fish were safely released by our newest mate, who has a lifetime of experience in Garza but it still getting acclimated to the FishingNosara way of fishing.

Still, you can see his calm demeanor is the way he handed this feisty Sailfish:

After four excellent releases, the party focused on the refrigerator by pulling in two tasty Dorados.

Great work by Captain David and Mate Fico…we expect big things from this Mate in the future but his cool presence in the cockpit is already a welcome addition to the team.