July 6, 2023

Sarah Grafton, Katie Hasson, and Brittney Baker scored big with the Discoverer on July 6.

They scored a wonderful Sailfish release, backed-up with a nice Yellowfin Tunas and a big Dorado.

Big smiles and big fish on the big battleship…great work Captain Carlos and Mate David!

This fun-loving crew of Tampa-based anglers continued their adventure the next day on the Horseback Mountain Tour.

June 18, 2016

Norm Ashby and his partners from Wilde Wood Construction took a day off of their company-wide fishing adventure to enjoy the Horseback Mountain Tour during their visit in late June.

The Horseback Mountain Tour continues to amaze as countless guest have taken the exotic journey this season.

Eduardo has become a fan favorite on this scenic ride which includes an authentic meal served at his operating farm.

On your next fishing adventure, don’t forget to take a day off the water to explore the authentic wonder of this tour.