April 20, 2012

The VenHousen family finished their four days of fishing on the Wanderer with their best day yet.  Yesterday Grandpa got a bucket-liss-caliber Sailfish, so it was fitting that the youngest VenHousen match her Papi with a great Sail of her own!

Our Captains and crews are all family men who are very good with children. They make sure that every age has a fun, safe and memorable trip. Once this Sailfish took off the family pitched in and brought her alongside for a safe release.

Once she was swimming free, it was Mommy and Daddy’s turn for some bill collecting.

Check out the his and hers Sailfish releases to cap off a great week in trip Costa Rica:


April 17, 2012

Team VenHousen went back-to-back multiple sailfish days on the Wanderer on their second of four trips. Look at this trio of Pacific Sailfish released by this family from the Badger state:

Amazing job by Captain William to hunt these babies down and by First Mate Alex to coordinate the safe release of these majestic creatures.

They had five Sails interested in the spread and totaled three releases; that’s a great catch ratio! Plus they added this nice Dorado for the dinner table:

The VenHousen family has two more days booked on the mighty Wanderer this weekend so look out for more great catches.

April 16, 2012

John VenHousen brought his wife and daughter down to Nosara from Wisconsin and booked the family-friendly Wanderer for several 6.5 hour fishing trips.

Captain William took the Wanderer 20 miles off-shore to find good clean blue water. First Mate Alex deployed the spread at 11:30am and at just past noon the first big monster came calling. Mrs. VenHousen seized the reel and brought this beauty all the way in for a clean release.

At 1:30 another acrobatic Sailfish attacked and put on an amazing show for the VenHousens. Look at this girl fly!

John won back line from the beast and added the second Sailfish release of the day. Great start to a full week of fishing for these Wisconsin anglers.